Cardio Gear

We provide an assortment of quality, high tech cardio gear for your ambulating pleasure.  Includes: NordicTrak X91 treadmills, StairMaster Stepmill, PreCore Recumbent Bike, PreCore Ellipticals, Arc Trainer

cybex circuit

Cybex Circuit

My Home Gym has a complete 15-piece Cybex Circuit.  Includes: Arm Curl, Arm Extension, Dual Axis Overhead Press, Dual Axis Incline Press, Dual Axis Chest Press, Dual Axis Pull Down, Dual Axis Row/Read Deltoid, Lateral Raise, Back Extension, Leg Extension, Prone Leg Curl, Rotary Calf, Hip Abduction, Hip Adduction and Abdominal Crunch

free weights

Free Weights

A large assortment of free weights and support devices are here.  Dumbbells from 5lbs to 110lbs, over 2000lbs of plated weights, Squat Rack/Power Cage, Smith machine, Double lateral pull-down machine, Cable crossover machine with attachments, Incline & Decline benches and Bars of every shape and form including Swiss bars, Hammer bars, Straight bars, and Curl bars